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Our Fiction Page


Stories by Sue & Valerie – Cruella Boris Productions


Causality Loop An AU story. Warning: Though this isn't a death story, if they upset you, consider skipping it.

Cause UnknownWhen one partner is injured, the other must figure out why it happened.

Conspiracy Starsky and Hutch get caught up in a crime wave that may not be what it seems.

Down the Rabbit Hole  Starsky and Hutch practice for an upcoming contest.

This story was won at auction.  We thank our winner for being kind enough to let us post it here.

Faith Healer Starsky and Hutch go undercover to solve a murder and a find out if a local minister is running a legitimate operation.

Fire Dance How far will one partner go to save the other? (This story contains a strong warning for volatile language)

Gaslight  Starsky's past is troubling him.  Is he losing his mind? 

Gaslight -- Part I

Gaslight -- Part II

Kidnapping Ring  When young girls start disappearing, the boys suspect a kidnapping ring. 

Safe in My Home A mystery from Starsky’s past returns to haunt him. What does it all mean?


Seemed to be a Good Idea A short missing scene from ACFS


The One Left Behind When disaster strikes, what will become of the one left behind?

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

The Perfect Murder? Is there such a thing as the perfect, unsolvable murder?


Insomnium: A Two Story Miniseries: Part One is a Bloodbath prequel. Part Two is a Bloodbath sequel.

            Prelude to a Dream Is a new cult operating in Bay City?

            Epilogue to a Nightmare Will Starsky recover from his time with the Marcus cult?

This Just In....Hutch's parents see a disturbing newscast that makes them fear for their son's life.


Threads:A Four Story Arc.




Bad Penny Someone from Hutch’s past shows up unexpectedly. A series of events is set in motion.

Loose Ends Starsky and Hutch try to protect a witness and are caught up in a whirlwind.

Research As Starsky struggles through recovery, the partners learn that their nightmare is worse than they thought

Denouement The verdict is revealed. Can Starsky and Hutch relax?



Trance When Hutch hears a disturbing prediction, can he prevent it from happening?


What Did I Miss? Something terrible has happened. Could it have been prevented?


The following stories were originally posted as Virtual Season Episodes on Hutchfans:


An Ill Wind The boys go their separate ways for a weekend. Can they stay out of trouble?


Code 33 Trilogy: Starsky and Hutch scramble to discover the identity of a serial killer with no apparent link among the victims.

            Recompense Does Bay City have a serial killer on the loose?

Measure for Measure Starsky and Hutch are hot on the trail of the killer. How many more must die?

Spare the Rod  As their search narrows, Starsky and Hutch find out a friend is in danger from the serial killer. Can they stop him before it's too late?



Justice George Prudholm is finally brought to trial for Terry’s murder.

Next Year, We Go Trick or Treating Halloween night on patrol with Starsky and Hutch.

Night of the Smoking Gun Starsky and Hutch volunteer to help Steve Hanson with a benefit performance in a Wild West Show.

Suicide Watch When Hutch can't stop a suicide, he sees it as a personal failure.

Uncontrollable The team at Metro plan a special surprise for Captain Dobey's 30th Anniversary on the Force.

Valerie’s Solo Stories


Aftermath In the aftermath of Gunther’s attempt on Starsky's life, Hutch is keeping his fears to himself.

A Coffin for Starsky: Afterward Hutch watches over his partner after he finds the antidote.

Am I My Brother's Keeper? Nick Starsky returns and brings trouble for Starsky and Hutch... again.

Bloodbath: Missing Scene What happened after Hutch rescued Starsky?


Claustrophobia Starsky and Hutch are caught in a life and death situation.

PLEASE NOTE: This story was written a long time ago. The story involves subject matter that may be upsetting to some in light of the events of 9-11-01.


Feelings Apart Sometimes, Mother Nature is more dangerous than the streets.

Gather Ye Rosebuds Starsky and Hutch go undercover to investigate a series of arsons in florist shops.

The Hardest Word As Hutch’s marriage crumbles, he leans on Starsky.

Happy Birthday It’s Starsky’s birthday and Hutch is doing his best to surprise him with a party, but since when did these two ever have a quiet day????

Heart of a Hero Years after the assassination attempt, Starsky succumbs to an unexpected complication.

Heaven with Blue Eyes Starsky and Hutch help a rape victim as she deals with her fear, and the justice system.�

The Interview A reporter interviews our heroes about their partnership.

It's Always Darkest Hutch is hurt in an explosion perhaps permanently

Let it Ride Starsky is falsely accused of a crime and Hutch tries his hardest to help him.

Let it Snow Hutch sees to it that Starsky goes home for the holidays.

Line of Fire A what if twist to Sweet Revenge.

Little Rock The emotional aftermath of what happened with Kira.

Oh, Holy Night Christmas Eve with Starsky and Hutch.

Only When I Laugh Starsky and Hutch get into trouble when the chase a suspect to a

remote area.

Requiem Starsky attends a high school reunion and something terrible happens.

Retribution Set in the future, an old nemesis plagues Starsky and Hutch.

Second Chances Starsky completes his physical therapy after the Gunther attack and is

cleared to go back to active duty. Hutch is worried that he’s not ready.

The Slasher A Jack-the-Ripper style copycat killer is on the loose and the boys have to

go undercover to find him.

Sweet Revenge: Missing Scene Hutch prepares to stand vigil.

Trial by Fire This is a Starsky & Hutch/Beauty and the Beast crossover.

Unacceptable Losses A family emergency takes the guys to Minnesota.

Vigil When Starsky gets a new toy, Hutch is worried.

What Best Friends Are For Hutch helps Starsky get through one of the darkest times of

his life. Missing scenes from Starsky’s Lady.

What If...? Hutch is offered the chance to see the difference his life has made to others.


Sue’s Solo Stories


A Family Matter Is someone trying to kill one of the detectives?

Bottom of the Sixth Hutch has a premonition. Will it help him save Starsky?

Chase, Spin, Repeat Hutch notices something unusual while chasing the look-alikes in

Starsky and Hutch are Guilty

Derailed Starsky and Hutch investigate as complicated case.They think they have it

figured out, but do they?

Don't Mess With Me Hutch is tired, cranky, and about to get his comeuppance.

Eye for an Eye Starsky’s doctor has a big problem and he needs help from

Starsky & Hutch. Can our heroes help him in time?

Grief In the days following Terry’s death, Starsky grows increasingly despondent.

Letters When one partner is gone, what could help the other heal? A follow on to

KerryOK’s story I Loved My Friend

Made of Glass While Starsky recuperates from Gunther’s attack, Hutch becomes

exhausted. Starsky sends him on a much needed break. Will he really be all right

while Hutch is gone?

Retail Therapy Hutch goes to a new mall to buy a present for Starsky. Will he have the

chance to give it to him?  PLEASE NOTE: This story was written a long time ago.

The story involves subject matter that may be upsetting to some in light of the events of 9-11-01.


Rope Burns Starsky loses track of his partner. Where is Hutch?

Symbiosis: Starsky and Hutch are not speaking to each other. Are they angry?

Tucked Away Starsky races to solve a mystery about his partner’s past.

Sue’s Writing Assignment Snippets from The Pits

These are snippets written in response to writing assignment challenges posed on

The Pits Yahoo group.


I'm Thankful For

Norwegian Wood

Refrigerator Art

Just a Couple of Regular People

That Wind Blown Look

Purl of Great Price


Normal Peacetime Readiness


Some Night Duty

Not on My Watch

Private Party


Zine Stories


We have stories in the Venice Place Zines, available October 2002:

            Innocence Lost by Sue David and Valerie Wells

            Invictus by Valerie Wells

            Eroded Trust by Sue David

            Touching Warm by Sue David and Valerie Wells


We also have four stories in the Zine Venice Place Times, Volume 1:

            The One Left Behind by Sue David and Valerie Wells

            Conspiracy by Sue David and Valerie Wells

            Feelings Apart by Valerie Wells

            A Family Matter by Sue David

Now available here on our web site. 

If you would prefer the printed version, please visit: Secret Pleasures Press for ordering information.



Gaslight by Sue David and Valerie Wells

Now available here on our web site. 

If you'd prefer the printed version, for ordering information, please go to the Agent With Style web site at